Battery 77kWh
Range 342 miles
Efficiency 298 Wh/mile
Charge Speed N/A


Acceleration 3.9 sec
Drive AWD
Speed 115 mph


Body Style Sedan
Segment Luxury
Seats 5


DYNAMICS AND BATTERY (top equipment)

-2 electric motors (1 for each axle) in total give 494 hp of power, which allows you to accelerate the sedan to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

- power according to TCP for taxes 247 hp

- Indestructible and non-flammable even in case of accidents "Battery Blade" battery

- Fast charging up to 80% in 30 minutes

- 550 km power reserve on a single charge (76.9 kW)


The flagship of the HAN EV is called the flagship for a reason, because the car is really large: the length of the car reaches almost 5 meters, or rather, 4980mm, which is more than that of the Mercedes E class sedan and AUDI A6. As for other dimensions, the width is 1910 mm, the wheelbase is 2920 mm, and the ground clearance has reached the mark of 130 mm. In general, these are standard values ​​​​for a car of this class.

But there is a more interesting value in which the car is ahead of its gasoline competitors. The main pride of engineers is the drag coefficient, and this is a very important indicator on which fuel (energy) consumption, vehicle dynamics and maximum speed depend.

On a note! To explain as briefly as possible, the lower the drag coefficient, the better. For example, Tesla Modes S has a score of 0.24, while HAN has only 0.233, and this is one of the best values ​​among all manufacturers.

The car turned out to be very interesting outwardly, both European and Asian notes are felt in it. The main body is a classic sedan, but with elements of a coupe-shaped rear. All lines in the car are smooth, even the door handles are made to move out so as not to disturb the unity of the appearance of the car.

By the way, the exterior of the BYD HAN EV remotely resembles the first Tesla models, but thanks to the new optics, a massive bumper with air intakes, the car was awarded a more sporty and serious appearance.


In the salon, things are different. And if the appearance of the exterior does not betray the absence of an internal combustion engine in a car, then, sitting behind the wheel, you immediately understand that we have an electric car in front of us.

Inside, the eye immediately falls on a huge touch screen, which is the "chip" of the car. It is noteworthy that it can be rotated both vertically and horizontally, and this is very convenient. In general, both the dashboard and multimedia look especially “modern”, adding style and elegance to the interior.

The rest of the finish is no less expensive: there are wood inserts, air ducts and direction control keys (you can’t name the gearbox selector already). Some design elements are lacquered in black, and all glass and mirror controls are made of aluminum.

The abundance of high-quality leather in the finish is also pleasing. But most of all, in this diversity, an exceptional combination of all elements among themselves is striking. And this, despite the relative "diversity" of materials.

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