Vivi M026TGB

Electric bike Vivi M026TGB

Battery 375Wh
Range 50 miles
Motor 500W
Weight 60 Pounds
Folding Yes
Tire 26
Gears 21
Body Type Electric Bike
Break system Mechanical Disk Brakes

Video review

1. Three Distinct Riding Modes:

The M026TGB electric bike caters to a variety of riding preferences with its three working modes. You can effortlessly switch between eBike, assisted bicycle, and normal bike modes, thanks to the user-friendly LED smart meter button. In assisted mode, you can expect a remarkable range of 44-50 miles, and with full electric power, it comfortably covers 22-25 miles. For those moments when you want a more traditional biking experience, you can simply turn off the electric power.

2. Electric Powerhouse:

At the heart of this bike is a robust 350W motor that propels you to a maximum speed of 20mph. Its detachable lithium-ion battery is not only easy to charge, but it also comes with the flexibility of charging it directly on the bike or removing it for added security against theft. Charging takes just 4-5 hours, ensuring you spend more time riding and less time waiting.

3. Grip and Acceleration:

The 26" strong anti-slip tires of the M026TGB electric bike ensure excellent traction on diverse terrains, including gravel, rain-soaked roads, dirt paths, and sandy stretches. With the thumb throttle, acceleration becomes a breeze, delivering immediate power when you need it most.

4. Service and Reliability:

The makers of this electric bike stand behind their product with a generous 2-year warranty covering the motor, battery, and charger. The bike arrives at your doorstep 90% assembled, and you only need to complete a few simple steps, like attaching the front wheel, handlebar, and pedals. Should you need assistance, a helpful installation video and responsive customer service are at your disposal.

5. Premium Ride Quality:

The M026TGB electric bike doesn't compromise on ride comfort and safety. It boasts double shock absorption to cushion you against rough terrains. The SHIMANO 21-speed transmission system provides you with versatile gearing options, while the front and rear disc brakes offer robust and dependable stopping power in varying weather conditions. Plus, the inclusion of a bright LED headlamp ensures a secure night-riding experience.

6. Foldable and Compact:

For added convenience, the VIVI folding electric Bike features a lightweight aluminum alloy collapsible frame that allows for quick folding and effortless storage. The double-walled aluminum alloy rims enhance durability while reducing drag, resulting in a faster and smoother ride. The detachable waterproof line design adds to the bike's practicality, making it easy to replace accessories when necessary.

In summary, the M026TGB electric bike, or VIVI eBike, is a versatile and innovative choice for those seeking a blend of convenience, flexibility, and quality in their rides. Whether you're using it for your daily commute, exploring new paths, or leisurely pedaling, this electric bike has you covered with its multitude of modes, potent motor, and high-end components. And with its foldable design, storing and transporting the bike is a hassle-free experience.


  1. Early Shipment: The bikes arrived earlier than expected, demonstrating efficient shipping.
  2. Sturdy Build: The bikes are sturdy and well-built, providing reliability and durability.
  3. Foldable: The bikes can be folded, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
  4. Battery Accessibility: The large battery is easily removable, making it convenient to charge.
  5. Pedal Assist: The pedal assist feature works well, providing assistance on hills and inclines.
  6. Affordable: The bikes come at a lower cost compared to many electric bikes.
  7. Additional Accessories: It's easy to add accessories like bottle holders to the bike frame.


  1. Bulky When Folded: Despite being foldable, the bikes remain bulky and heavy when folded, making them challenging to fit into a car's cargo area.
  2. Complicated Battery Connection: The process of connecting the battery to the bike can be challenging due to a small hole in the bag.
  3. Narrow Seat: The original seat is uncomfortable, necessitating the purchase of wider seats.
  4. Flimsy Fenders: The fenders are somewhat flimsy and can require frequent adjustments.
  5. No Speedometer: The absence of a built-in speedometer means relying on external apps for speed monitoring.
  6. Front Suspension: The front fork is described as too soft for handling large bumps.
  7. Heavy Weight: The bikes are heavy, which can make them cumbersome to carry.
  8. Brakes: The brakes are described as somewhat cheap and may require extra effort to engage.
  9. Incomplete Instructions: Some assembly instructions were lacking, which led to confusion during setup.
  10. Customer Service: Some customers experienced difficulties with customer service and warranty claims.

Main Sentiment:

The overall sentiment for these bikes appears to be mixed. While there are notable pros such as early shipment, sturdiness, affordability, and the effectiveness of the pedal assist feature, the cons related to size, weight, and some quality issues are causing dissatisfaction among customers. Additionally, the quality of customer service and warranty support is a concern for some buyers.

* Prices shown are recommended retail prices and do not include any indirect incentives.
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