Electric bike VITILAN i7 Pro

Battery 643Wh
Range 60 miles
Motor 750W
Weight 78 Pounds
Folding Yes
Tire 20
Gears 8
Body Type Electric Bike
Break system Mechanical Disk Brakes

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The VITILAN i7 Pro is an advanced folding electric bike designed with a focus on high-quality components and performance. Below are detailed features and specifications of the VITILAN i7 Pro:

Motor and Controller:

  • The i7 Pro is equipped with a high-quality 48V 750W BAFANG motor and a 25A controller.
  • It boasts a peak power capability of up to 1200W, allowing for impressive acceleration and a top speed of 28MPH.
  • With a maximum torque of 80N.M and five assist levels, it can easily handle steep slopes and challenging terrains, up to 35°.


  • The i7 Pro features a removable 16Ah LG lithium battery, offering substantial capacity for extended rides.
  • In pure electric mode, it can cover a range of 32-42 miles, and in assist mode, it can go up to 45-60 miles.
  • Charging the battery is convenient and quick, taking 5-6 hours with a standard 54.6V 3.0A fast charger.

Suspension and Tires:

  • It comes with a full suspension system, including an aluminum alloy suspension frame and air fork, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough roads.
  • The four-link shock-absorbing frame minimizes vibrations for added comfort.
  • The 20 x 4.0" all-terrain aluminum fat tires provide excellent traction and adaptability to various surfaces such as dirt roads, mountain trails, snow, sand, and grass.


  • The i7 Pro is equipped with powerful 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring reliable stopping power even at high speeds or on challenging terrains.

Display and Cruise Control:

  • The advanced color display not only provides essential ride information such as mileage, speed, battery capacity, and assist levels, but also features a USB charging port for convenient device charging.
  • The cruise control function allows the e-bike to maintain a steady speed until the brake is applied or the mode is changed.

Warranty and Service:

  • VITILAN offers an 18-month warranty for the frame, motor, battery, and charger.
  • The e-bike is pre-assembled, requiring only the installation of pedals and seat before it's ready to ride.
  • Online guidance and customer support are available 24/7

Foldable Design:

  • The central rectangular frame and rear frame effectively absorb shocks and impacts when riding on complex terrains. The foldable design allows for easy storage in homes, garages, or even in large trunks for travel and vacations.

The VITILAN i7 Pro is a versatile and high-performance electric bike designed to provide a comfortable and powerful riding experience across a wide range of terrains. Its combination of a powerful motor, high-capacity battery, advanced features, and quality construction make it a top choice for commuting and outdoor adventures.


  1. Powerful 750W BAFANG motor with peak power of 1200W.
  2. Impressive top speed of 28MPH.
  3. High torque and 5 assist levels for conquering steep slopes.
  4. Long-lasting 16Ah LG lithium battery for extended rides.
  5. Quick recharge in 5-6 hours with a standard fast charger.
  6. Full suspension and all-terrain fat tires for a comfortable and adaptable ride.
  7. Advanced color display with USB charging port and cruise control function.
  8. Excellent customer service and 18-month warranty.


  1. Initial battery charging issue reported by a customer.
  2. Some inconvenience experienced with flat tire and difficulty finding servicing for e-bike not bought from a specific store.
  3. Heavyweight and potential challenges for transport and storage.
  4. Lack of detailed guide/manual for maintenance.

Main Sentiment:

Overall, sentiment towards the VITILAN i7 Pro is positive. Customers appreciate its powerful motor, long battery life, and comfort features. While there have been some reported issues with initial battery charging and maintenance, the responsive customer service has been instrumental in resolving these concerns. The bike's performance, especially its speed and power, have garnered significant praise.

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