Zeekr 001

Zeekr 001

Battery 80kWh
Range 327 miles
Efficiency 370 Wh/mile
Charge Speed N/A


Acceleration 3.8 sec
Drive AWD
Speed 143 mph


Body Style Hatchback
Segment Large
Seats 5

This is the first model of a new sub-brand of the Geely holding, which is designed for the most expensive electric vehicles in the premium segment. And it turned out that this statement should be considered not only by the standards of the Chinese market.

The first two letters of the name Zeekr are derived from the words “zero emission” (“zero emission”), the third letter is encrypted with the message Electric-Evolution-Era, and the ending “kr” is the designation of krypton, a noble gas without color, taste and smell, the name which is translated from Greek as "hidden" or "secret". A separate division of Zeekr Smart Technology Co. has already been created, and Zeekr models will be produced at the head office in Hangzhou, where the headquarters of the Geely holding is located.

The Zeekr 001 is the production version of last year's Lynk & Co Zero concept car, and the car hasn't changed much. The characteristic design of the Lynk & Co models has also been retained, and even frameless doors with retractable handles. And in terms of format and dimensions, “zero zero one” is close to the five-door Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo (https://autoreview.ru/news/universal-porsche-taycan-cross-turismo-seriynaya-versiya), only without the extra “off-road” body kit .

This is a large liftback with beautiful proportions, a long wheelbase (3005 mm), 22-inch wheels and a low drag coefficient Cx (0.23). Machine length - 4970 mm, width - 1999 mm, height - 1560 mm. With the rear seats folded down, a luggage compartment with a volume of 2144 liters is formed. There is also a small trunk in front, but only an external charger with a cable will fit in it.

The interior has a rich finish - nappa leather, soft plastic and multi-contour front seats with a massager are already “in the base” here. Zeekr 001 has a compact instrument screen (8.8 inches) and a large 15.4-inch media system TV (it controls all secondary functions), as well as a projection display.

There are almost no hardware keys left in the cabin - even sensors are attached to the steering wheel spokes. The equipment includes a panoramic roof, Yamaha sound system and three-zone climate control, and to control the rear "climate" there is an additional touch screen between the backs of the front seats, from which you can also change the audio system settings.

The car is based on the new electric mobility platform SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture), developed by Geely. Subsequently, some electric Volvo models will also be created on it. Zeekr 001 has an air suspension with adaptive dampers, ground clearance can be adjusted in the range from 117 to 200 mm. Steering gear - with a "short" rack and variable tooth pitch. Turning radius - 5.9 m.

Gamma consists of three modifications, among which it is difficult to identify the base one. The rear-wheel drive Zeekr 001 has one electric motor with a capacity of 272 hp, but this option is immediately put on the “older” traction battery with a capacity of 100 kWh. This is the longest-range version, although the passport indicator of 712 km is calculated according to the outdated NEDC cycle and in reality the mileage will be much more modest. Acceleration time to "hundreds" - 6.9 s.

The all-wheel drive version has two motors with a total power of 544 hp. and can accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.8 s. But the standard battery has a capacity of 86 kWh, and the passport range is 526 km. The third modification combines all-wheel drive and a 100-kilowatt battery, it can travel without recharging up to 606 km on the NEDC cycle.

The mains voltage has not yet been named, but it is stated that Zeekr 001 can be connected to DC chargers up to 360 kW. This means that in just five minutes you can replenish the supply of electricity for a 120 km throw. Of course, it is also possible to connect to household sockets.

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