SOHOO Soumye S142

Electric bike SOHOO Soumye S142

Battery 768Wh
Range 3 miles
Motor 750W
Weight 67 Pounds
Folding No
Tire 26
Gears 7
Body Type Cruiser Bike
Break system Mechanical Disk Brakes

The SOHOO Soumye S142 is an electric bicycle that prides itself on being a top-tier combination of luxury, power, and speed range. Here's a detailed breakdown of its key features:

Design and Comfort:

  • Extra-large frame and upright riding position for added comfort.
  • Equipped with a front shock and seat post shock to absorb shocks and enhance ride comfort.
  • Gel seat designed to provide an ultra-comfortable riding experience.

Powerful Electric System:

  • 48V16Ah removable anti-theft Lithium battery with a large capacity for extended rides.
  • 48V750 Watt (1325 Peak Watt) rear-drive motor for powerful performance.
  • Intelligent M5 LCD Display with various features such as 5 power levels, pedal-assist level, speed, voltage, battery life, temperature gauge, trip distance, ride time, and odometer.

Versatile Riding Modes:

  • Four working modes to suit different preferences and needs:Walk mode (3 miles/hour)
  • Throttle mode (no need to pedal)
  • Pedal-assisted mode with different power levels for varied speeds and ranges.
  • Regular bicycle mode (turn off the power for manual riding).

Durable Construction:

  • One-piece step-over high-quality aluminum alloy frame for durability.
  • Enhanced shock front fork and seat post shock for a smoother ride.
  • Detachable and sturdy luggage rack for added utility.
  • 30.8mm aluminum high-end belt clip saddle capable of withstanding up to 325 pounds.

Safety Features:

  • Shimano 7S drivetrain for accurate and smooth shifting, enhancing overall safety.
  • Integrated LED headlight and LED stop rear light for increased visibility during both day and night.
  • Braking power shutdown system and 180mm double disc brake for precise and powerful stopping control.

Overall, the SOHOO Soumye S142 seems to prioritize user comfort, versatility, and safety through its thoughtful design and feature set. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride or a more intense cycling experience, this electric bicycle aims to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable journey.


  1. Powerful Motor: 750W rear-drive motor provides ample power for various terrains.
  2. Comfortable Design: Extra-large frame and upright riding position offer comfort.
  3. Versatile Riding Modes: Multiple pedal-assist levels and throttle mode for varied riding experiences.
  4. Long Battery Life: 48V16Ah battery provides substantial range, impressive for the price.
  5. Durable Construction: Sturdy aluminum alloy frame, enhanced shock front fork, and quality build.
  6. Excellent Customer Service: Responsive and helpful customer support for assembly and issues.


  1. Assembly Challenges: Some users faced difficulties during assembly, especially with brakes and fender.
  2. Misleading Speed Description: Confusion regarding the advertised 21 speeds when it's a 7-speed bike.
  3. Brake System: Mechanical brakes may not provide the same performance as hydraulic brakes.
  4. Front Fender Issues: Reports of the front fender rubbing against the tire, causing potential problems.
  5. Seat Comfort: Some users found the seat uncomfortable, a matter of personal preference.
  6. Initial Quality Concerns: Issues with inner tubes, headlight, and rattling during the first few months.

Main Sentiment:

Overall, the sentiment is mixed. While users appreciate the bike's power, comfort, and customer service, there are concerns about assembly challenges, misleading descriptions, and initial quality issues. With some users enjoying the bike after overcoming initial hurdles, sentiment leans towards a positive experience, especially considering the bike's affordability and performance.

* Prices shown are recommended retail prices and do not include any indirect incentives.
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