Electric bike ECOTRIC ROCKET

Battery 450Wh
Range 34 miles
Motor 500W
Weight 55 Pounds
Folding No
Tire 26
Gears 7
Body Type Mountain Bike
Break system Mechanical Disk Brakes

Video review

The ECOTRIC Rocket is a powerful mountain e-bike designed for off-road cycling and adventure enthusiasts. It boasts several key features that make it a standout choice for those seeking high-performance electric bikes:


The ECOTRIC Rocket is equipped with a robust 500W rear motor that provides a strong driving force. This makes it ideal for tackling rugged terrain, such as mountain roads and trails, and it caters to riders of varying physical abilities. The default factory maximum speed is 23.6 mph, and adjustments can be made following the provided instructions for those who desire higher speeds.


The bike features a 36V/12.5AH removable lithium battery with a large capacity, offering ample endurance for long-distance rides and round trips. The convenience of being able to remove the battery for recharging at home or the office is a significant advantage. A charger is included, and the charging time is approximately 6-8 hours. The bike provides a range of 30-54 km (18.64-33.55 miles), depending on whether pedal assist or throttle power is used more frequently.


The ECOTRIC Rocket offers four working modes to suit various riding preferences: Pedal Assist Mode, Fully Electric Mode, Pedal Mode, and Booster Mode, making it adaptable for different riding conditions and preferences.


With a lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy frame and a suspension front fork, the bike effectively absorbs vibrations, ensuring a comfortable riding experience. The 26*4.0" puncture-resistant tires are well-suited for conquering diverse terrains, including mountains, snow, and beaches. Additionally, it features an S900 LCD display that provides essential cycling data and allows for the charging of mobile devices.

Mechanical Parts:

The ECOTRIC Rocket is equipped with a SHIMANO 7-speed drive system, enabling riders to handle various terrains with ease. Whether it's uphill, downhill, or maintaining a steady speed, this bike ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Size and Weight Considerations:

Prospective buyers are encouraged to take note of the bike's size and weight. The gross weight of the bike is 70 lb, and it has a maximum loading capacity of 260 lb. It is designed for individuals between 170 and 190 cm tall.

Warranty and UL Certification:

ECOTRIC provides a warranty of 18 months against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for various components, including the frame, battery, motor, controller, and display. The bike is also UL certified, which demonstrates its adherence to safety standards and adds credibility to its quality and safety.

Quick Installation:

Assembling the ECOTRIC Rocket is made convenient, as it comes 90% pre-assembled. Buyers can easily complete the assembly themselves in less than an hour by referring to instructional videos available on YouTube or by reaching out to the manufacturer for further assistance.

In summary, the ECOTRIC Rocket is a versatile and powerful electric mountain bike designed for adventurers seeking high-performance and reliability, backed by a robust warranty and UL certification. Its features and design make it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities and terrain.


  1. Easy Assembly: Reviewers found the assembly process straightforward, with the help of instructional videos available on YouTube.
  2. Speed and Comfort: The ECOTRIC Rocket offers a top speed of 25 mph, providing fast and comfortable rides.
  3. Terrain Versatility: Riders appreciated the bike's ability to handle a variety of terrains, thanks to its fat tires and powerful motor.
  4. Customizability: The bike offers different riding modes, allowing users to choose between pedal-assist or full-throttle operation.


  1. Initial Assembly Issues: Some users encountered problems with initial assembly, including difficulty installing the display and issues with tire inflation.
  2. Quality Concerns: There were reports of quality issues, such as a malfunctioning derailleur and the bike's hand brakes being reversed. Additionally, the design of the handlebar limited accessory options.
  3. Fender Problems: Users noted that the fenders, although available as separate accessories, didn't fit the bike well and were challenging to install.
  4. Motor and Warranty Issues: Several reviewers reported issues with the bike's motor, as well as complications with the warranty. Some expressed dissatisfaction with the manufacturer's customer service.

Main Sentiment:

The sentiment of the initial reviews is generally positive, with users praising the bike's performance, ease of assembly, and its ability to replace the need for a car. However, as more reviews are considered, there is a noticeable shift toward negative sentiment due to issues with the bike's quality, the manufacturer's response to problems, and safety concerns. It's clear that while some users have had a positive experience with the ECOTRIC Rocket, there are also a significant number of customers who have encountered issues and express frustration with the product and the manufacturer's support.

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