Electric bike ECOTRIC Dolphin

Battery 450Wh
Range 73 miles
Motor 500W
Weight 55 Pounds
Folding Yes
Tire 20
Gears 7
Body Type City Bike
Break system Mechanical Disk Brakes

Video review

The Ecotric Dolphin is an upgraded electric bike that offers a range of enhanced features and benefits, making it a reliable and convenient transportation option. Here are the key details about the Ecotric Dolphin:


The original LED display has been replaced with an LCD display, providing users with a user-friendly interface to operate the bike. This display offers real-time information about speed, battery power, and mileage. Additionally, it allows for direct control of the bike's lighting system, making it easier to use, especially in low-light conditions.


The Ecotric Dolphin is equipped with a high-powered 500 Watt brushless geared motor. This motor not only increases the bike's performance but also extends its lifespan by reducing friction resistance. This reduction in maintenance requirements saves time and ensures a consistent riding experience. The 20" * 4.0 tires with anti-skidding properties make this bike suitable for various terrains, including snow and sand.


The bike features a large 36V/12.5AH removable battery. This design allows for convenient charging at home or the workplace and also serves as an anti-theft measure. The battery is equipped with waterproof functionality and over-charge protection, ensuring safety and durability.


The Ecotric Dolphin offers versatility with four distinct working modes:

  • Pedal Assist Mode: The motor provides a moderate amount of assistance as you pedal.
  • Fully Electric Mode: You can engage the motor with a twist of the throttle at any power level you desire.
  • Pedal Mode: You can use the bike just like a regular bicycle, pedaling without electric assistance.
  • Booster Mode: This mode allows the e-bike to travel at 6km/h (3.73 miles/h), making it easy to maneuver and push when needed.

UL Certified:

The Ecotric Dolphin boasts UL certification, ensuring that the product has been rigorously tested to meet safety standards. This certification adds a level of credibility to the bike's safety and quality, setting it apart in a competitive marketplace.

Warranty and Additional Features:

Each Ecotric Dolphin comes with an 18-month warranty covering manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship on its frame, battery, motor, controller, and display. The bike also includes a set of fenders to protect your clothing from mud and water, enhancing the overall riding experience.

In summary, the Ecotric Dolphin is a highly capable and feature-rich electric bike that combines power, convenience, and safety. It offers a range of working modes to suit different riding preferences and comes with the assurance of UL certification and an 18-month warranty, making it a reliable choice for eco-friendly transportation.


  1. Affordable: The Ecotric Dolphin offers a budget-friendly option for electric bike enthusiasts.
  2. Compact Size: Its smaller frame makes it suitable for riders of various heights, including those as short as 5'1".
  3. Powerful Motor: The 500W motor provides ample power for daily use and enjoyable rides.
  4. Fat Tires: The bike's fat tires make it ideal for a variety of terrains, including dirt roads and trails.
  5. Removable Battery: The 36V/12.5AH battery is convenient to charge at home or work, and it's anti-theft.
  6. Four Working Modes: Offers versatility with pedal assist, full electric, pedal, and booster modes.
  7. UL Certified: Demonstrates a commitment to safety and quality.
  8. Positive Commuting Experience: Suitable for commuting with adjustable pedal assist and throttle options.


  1. No Suspension: The absence of suspension may result in a less comfortable ride on rough terrain.
  2. Lack of Racks: The bike does not come with a rear rack or front basket for additional storage.
  3. Seat Replacement: Some users might find the stock seat uncomfortable and choose to replace it.
  4. Pedal Length: Short pedals may not be comfortable for taller riders (e.g., 5'11").
  5. Gear Shifting Issues: Some users experienced difficulties with the gears not shifting properly.
  6. Incomplete Video Instructions: The adjustment shown in the assembly video may not be present on some models.
  7. Loose Battery: The battery's looseness and lock squeaking could be a minor inconvenience.
  8. Brake and Wobble Issues: The rear brake may need adjustment to prevent slowing down when not in use, and the front brake may cause some wobbling.
  9. Water Damage: Issues with water getting into the control unit under the battery.

Main Sentiment:

The main sentiment in the reviews is mixed. Users appreciate the affordability, power, and versatility of the Ecotric Dolphin e-bike. It offers an enjoyable and convenient way to commute and have fun riding. However, there are concerns about build quality and some components, such as the brakes and the issue of water damage. Some users have had to deal with challenges in assembly and parts replacement. Despite these issues, many users find the bike to be a good value for the price, making it a decent entry-level electric bike option.

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